About our coffee

The Coffee trading department is a flexible and reliable player in the worldwide sourcing, shipping and distribution of green coffee with a highly skilled team of experienced professionals. We provide our partners with leading edge market intelligence with inside knowledge.

We can supply every green coffee.

Our most traded coffees are the Sumatra Mandheling’s from Indonesia. Known worldwide as the herbal, earthy, rich, chocolate coffee. Since 2006 we operate our own warehouse PT Indonesia Makmur Jaya (means prosperous glory) in Medan, Sumatra. Due to the close cooperation with our colleagues and local partners we are capable to control to quality after the coffee is sorted.

Besides Indonesia we obtained a close partnership in Africa for good coffees from Malawi, Burundi, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Kenya.


Our clientele stretches from industrial to micro-coffee roaster and other traders in the coffee industry. All incoming samples are cupped and stored in Zaandam and Medan (type sample, pre shipments and sample after arrival in our warehouse).

All services are accompanied by the required documentation and certification.

Shippings/logistics Financing
Insurance Custom packing
Quality control Just in time delivery
Sustainability & Traceability Coffee score – cupping notes
Customs clearance


Our offerings

Our specialisation within coffee

Immediate delivery is usually possible from our warehouse in Antwerp, as well as just-in-time delivery at any location directly from origin. The contact with our origination partners is of major importance to us. We believe in long lasting business relationships. Frequent contact with and regular visits to the coffee productions sites are of vital importance. This helps us to stay abreast of the latest developments and verify the solidity of our supply chain.

Do you require certified coffees? We are pleased to support you with this, as we are licensed to trade coffees of Utz Certified, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade.

We look forward to welcome you as a partner and provide the solutions needed to run your business.