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Colombia report – January 2018

Colombia is a fascinating country, with 3 major mountain ranges (Cordilleras), coffee growing region spanning 11 degrees of latitude. Its unique geography means it can offer coffee all year around....

Peru Update – 2017

Peru is an incredible country.  Full of diversity. From its wide range of traditional native speaking peoples, to the varied topography of coastal planes, mountainous (Andean) backbone and Amazonian basin...
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About Daarnhouwer & Co

Daarnhouwer is a vibrant company with a long history in international trading and a promising future. Since 1908 Daarnhouwer is an established brand name in originating and supplying specialty cocoa, tree nuts, coffee and spices. We are focussing on long-term reliable partnerships through accurate execution of contracts and agreements. We do so by caring for our customers, the environment, and global staff. We are proud to participate in relevant sustainability schemes that nurture the environment, whilst improving yields and quality.

Therefore our suppliers get a higher income and a better price for their goods and services throughout the supply chain! We aim to add value to our customers by looking at them as partners in business delivering solutions. Thus meeting their needs in quality, certification, price-risk management and on-time delivery.

We carry a broad range of high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from around the globe. And we are proud to supply a global range of brand name & specialty coffee roasters. Procurement and quality assurance of our Indonesian quality coffees is provided by the PT Daarnhouwer organisation in Medan (Indonesia). This operation is optimising the supply chain management for shipments delivered to your doorstep.

Cocoa, a product from around the globe is what we do well and have established ourselves as a leading source of quality cocoa products, information, and on-time delivery for many years. Our cocoa products are the essential ingredients in many food applications we love to consume on a daily basis. When you are looking for tree nuts, you first think of us. Daily interaction with the exotic origins of tree nuts provides our customers with reliable information.


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